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10 Facts You Need to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reduction surgery offers an effective solution for many; it removes excess skin, tissue and breast fat to obtain a breast size in proportion with the patient’s body and to relieve any discomfort that’s linked to excessively large breasts. The end result leads to breasts that are more proportional, firmer and smaller.

If you are considering having a breast reduction, you most likely have quite a few questions. Here are a few facts to get you started:

Marwan Khalifeh, a Washington-area cosmetic surgeon, performs a breast reduction procedure on a male patient. Khalifeh is seeing more men who want to reduce their breast size. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Eric Pianin

Liposuction is used to help shape the chest wall

The liposuction technique is utilised to remove the patient’s breast rolls on the side of the chest area. Removing the fat tissue will lead to a major decrease in neck, shoulder and back pain.

Be prepared to see minor scarring

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this since your surgeon will have to make incisions during the operation. Dr Quinn is one of the best breast reduction surgeons in Perth, who has administered hundreds of these procedures, in turn, providing patients a new lease on life and minimising scarring as much as possible. The scar will be placed around the areola. The good news is the scar will fade in time, becoming barely noticeable.

Patients can walk and shower the first day following surgery

Usually, all swelling and bruising subside around the two-week mark following surgery. Most individuals can return to an active lifestyle which can include moderate exercise.

LED lighting is used to encourage faster healing

Most breast reduction patients lead hectic lifestyles. After the surgery, its essential that you can get back to a healthy lifestyle as fast as possible. That’s why after the procedure, most surgeons include LED light therapy to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process.

As with any big surgery, there are some risks involved

Deciding to have breast reduction surgery is a very personal decision. Before surgery, your breast surgeon should explain to you the potential risks and complications involved. Although they are rare, some of the risks include the inability to breastfeed, breast asymmetry, poor wound healing, persistent pain, blood clots, nerve damage and infection, etc.

Not everyone will be a candidate

Suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery need to give up cigarettes if they are smokers, be physically healthy, have realistic expectations and have breasts that limit their physical ability.

Prior to surgery, it’s important to prepare for your road to recovery

Before having breast reduction surgery, you should get your home ready for the weeks of recovery. Ensure that you have plenty of things on hand like clean wash clothes, lots of ice and towels; loose, comfortable clothing and special creams or ointments recommended by your breast surgeon.