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11 Best Health & Nutrition Christmas Gifts for Women

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 After a year long wait, the most awaited festival, Christmas is knocking on the door. The air is already buzzing with excitement and happiness, as the moment of Lord Jesus’ birth arrives closer. From filling stockings with goodies to singing carols at the mass, we look forward to each and every aspect of this festive season. Irrespective of our age we spend weeks deciding how to decorate our houses and the Christmas trees and anticipating what gifts we might get this year. Cakes will be baked and eggnogs will be poured, while we relax in the warmth of festive contentment.

During Christmas, we inadvertently consume loads of junk food as well as special delicacies of the festival. Personal fitness goals and diets go out of the window, as we give into the heavenly smell of Christmas cakes and end up eating more than necessary. After the festivities end, realization and guilt hits hard and we question our moment of weakness. To relieve some of that guilt, a list of nutritive and healthy Christmas gifts has been curated especially for women, to help them maintain a balanced diet even during the festival madness.

  1. Red Ginseng Tea:

Red ginseng tea is considered gold standard by all over the world. This special concoction is made from ginseng extract which is rich in saponins or ginsenosides. The saponins are adaptogenic in nature and act as antioxidants against reactive oxygen species attack. Red ginseng tea is not a modern-day discovery and has been a premier herbal tonic for the last 1000 years. The ginseng extract in the red ginseng tea comes with anti-bacterial, anti-obesity properties and thus helps our body heal during infections, and also aids in losing weight. Apart from these, the premier herbal tea also controls and manages diabetes, stimulates metabolism, sharpens memory, and protects heart health. The red ginseng tea also boosts libido in women, promotes sleep, and exhibits anti-aging properties. Moreover being a caffeine-free beverage, the red ginseng tea does not promote insomnia, increased heart rate, and nausea – the common side effects of heavy caffeine consumption. Gift her some red ginseng tea bags and help her enjoy a healthy and nutritive Christmas.

  1. Gym Bags:

If the woman, you want to gift this Christmas is a gym freak, the gym bag will be a lifesaver for her. One sturdy gym bag is all she will need to pack her workout sneakers, protein shakes, gym clothing, a fresh set of clothes, and other essential stuff. A perfect gym bag contains a number of pockets and will help her keep the fresh things away from the soiled. This Christmas relieve her from carrying a ton of bags to the gym by gifting the perfect gym bag to her.

  1. Herbal Lattes:

Skip the morning coffee and go for a herbal latte, in case you overindulged on Christmas delicacies the night before. A herbal latte comes with the same creamy texture, but with no caffeine. One of the best herbal latte currently in the market is red ginseng latte, which comes with a number of health benefits. Ginseng extract contains ginsenosides which helps to treat liver functions, boosts metabolism, and helps in weight loss. It also promotes sleep and overall health care. Apart from the ginseng latte, you can also gift mixed herbal lattes, which comes with a number of ingredients instead of one.

  1. Natural Slimming tablets:

Counting calories and keeping weight gain in control especially during Christmas is easier said than done. It’s hard and almost impossible to refrain ourselves from tasting all the delicious festive dishes. For a health-conscious woman, it is much more a difficult feat to not gorge on those delicious plum cakes and drinking cups of eggnog. Save her from turning into a calorie monster by gifting her a pack of natural slimming tablets to keep the weight gain under control. A pack of slimming tablets containing ginseng extract will allow her to relish all the tasty Christmas food.

  1. Deer Antler Velvet:

Natural health supplements are one of the best healthy and nutritive gifts one can gift to women to tackle the after-effects of Christmas festivities. While there are a number of health supplements in the market, deer antler velvet extracts are one of the most effective items currently in the health section. This particular extract is rare but effective as it provides additional energy by boosting metabolism. Deer antler velvet becomes more nutritive if it is mixed with ginseng extract and consumed. Deer antler velvet also helps counter fatigue and stress, and can help the person enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

  1. Yoga Mat:

Help the person perform even the most demanding and rigorous yoga poses with a nice colorful yoga mat. A block-colored or printed yoga mat is a must-have for a health fanatic, especially after the Christmas surge. A pretty mat will motivate them to exercise and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Fruit Infuser Water Bottles:

The most simple and inexpensive way of cleansing our body and losing weight is by drinking water. However, most of us fail to keep up with the optimum level of water, which we should be drinking to get maximum benefits. Fruit infuser water bottles are becoming increasingly popular and are motivating people to drink more water with its unique concept. Add your preferred fruit into the infuser compartment and fill the bottle with water to make the perfect detox water concoction. A perfect gift for cold Christmas days, as we drink lesser amount of water in winters.

  1. Fitness Journal and Planner:

Help the person plan her fitness regime in advance with a brand new fitness journal. The person will be able to document the type of exercises she wants to do in the coming weeks. It also comes with a dedicated page for before and after body measurements to track progress. The planner is widely available in the market and will help the person make up for the Christmas holiday binge in the following weeks.

  1. Fitness Tracker

While the fitness journal helps a person track their health regime in an old-fashioned way, the fitness tracker is a gift from technology to do the same minus the human error. These gadgets come under various names, such as smartbands, smartwatches, etc. Strap the fitness tracker on your wrist and let the smartband count your heart rate and how many calories you burn every day. Apple SmartWatch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear Fit2, and many other fitness trackers are available in the market for efficient health-monitoring purpose.

  1. Infrared Workout Jacket:

One of the best Christmas gifts for women is an infrared workout jacket, which will help the person run an extra mile while braving the extreme winter chill. An infrared workout jacket comes with an additional layer of inner coating that effectively locks the heat from escaping, keeping the body warm. With this gift, workout during Christmas holidays will become easier.

  1. Convertible Backpacks:

One bag, many styles. That’s what convertible backpacks aim for. It is impossible for all the women out there to carry different bags for different purposes every day. However, the convertible backpack solves the problem. This item can be used as a gym backpack, tote or cross body bag as and when needed. A perfect Christmas gift, the convertible backpack has become an essential item in every woman’s closet.


From Red Ginseng tea to convertible backpacks, this list gives you a wide variety of choices for unique and healthy Christmas gifts. Now you don’t have to think for hours end to come up with unique yet useful gift ideas for Christmas gifting. Each of these presents will provide the person with motivation and incentive to stick to a healthy lifestyle even while consuming the Christmas delicacies. These gift ideas are healthy as well as practical and help the promote overall health not only during Christmas, but all around the year.