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5 Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Home Health Care Agency

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Home health care service is provided when people or a person can no longer take care of themselves. Most often it is because of health issues or illnesses. Licensed personnel offers the work for these services.

According to the Home Care and Hospice’s National Association, there are around 12 million people that need some form of home health care in the U.S. alone. Today, there exist 290 Houston home health care agencies and approximately 33,000 providers in the world.

With numbers this big, how will you as a consumer know which homes health care agency to contact? Here we have summarized five factors to help you find the right home health care agency for you and your family.

  1. Credibility

 The most important factor to see when choosing a home health care agency is to ensure that they can offer quality services. The provider should enforce credibility in their professionals. An example is that their nurses must have updated certificates, valid license, and relevant working experience. Having valid certifications mean the company is up to the standards of regulatory boards.

 Also, read online reviews and testimonials from the agency from past clients and users. If the company has won service and healthcare awards, this means credibility is more enforced.

  1. Affordability

Financial cost may get in the way of you and your dream home care agency. When doing research, find a good company that can be affordable and reliable at the same time. To decide, first consider the amount of money that you can shell out. This factor is especially important if you require a long-term home health care provider.

  1. Services Offered

It can be hard for you to understand and know what services are necessary for your loved one. To start with, ask yourself what the daily tasks that he/ she has a hard time to accomplish and what medical supervision is needed are. You will need a person whom you can trust and leave your loved one to in case you are out.

  1. Ability to Meet Your Needs and Preferences

Next, consider your loved one’s preferences. For example, take into consideration the language when your loved one can only speak a particular language. Remember that giving care works both ways. The patient should also be receptive to the provided service.

  1. Location and Time

Some home health care services connect their clients to their healthcare professionals who can only work in specific areas. Check with the companies if they can provide a professional who can come to your home at certain times.

Some agencies may choose to have a regular schedule where their professionals can drop by for a home visit on specific days of the week. Consider what you need first in finding the right home care provider for you and your loved ones.


In summary, finding the right home health care agency needs adequate research on your part to find an excellent provider that offers the services that your loved one needs. Hopefully, these five factors were able to give you enough insight to help you choose the right provider for your family member.