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How Is Ephedrine Connected With Weight Loss? Is It Effective?

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Ephedrine and weight loss, are they connected? Is it effective or waste of money and time?

Ephedrine is the most popular component included in majority of weight loss products. It is a strong stimulant related closely to Methamphetamine although it possesses less intense effect. Ephedrine is a sympathomimetic alkaloid liable for activating sympathetic nervous system.

For decades, ephedrine has been used as decongestant and bronchodilator. It is capable to increase basal metabolic rate, so is effective in burning fat. Bodybuilders and athletes add ephedrine to their cutting cycle to cut fats and enhance performance.

Athletes participating in endurance sports find it helpful because it enhances lung volume and respiratory capacity.

Effects of Ephedrine

It is a stimulant, so several of its effects are sought after.

  • Heart rate increases because body attempts to dispel heat fast.
  • Metabolism increases making you perspire more.
  • You feel less fatigue.
  • Improves focus and concentration.
  • Nervous system stimulation helps to increase strength modestly.
  • Appetite gets suppressed.

Ephedrine dosage

The half life of ephedrine is very short. It is between 3 to 6 hours, so the drug will be taken after every three to six hours for it to remain active in the system for a whole day.

Ephedrine only cycle dosage ranges from 20 – 50 mg, thrice a day and must not exceed 150 mcg. This is the safe dosage level, which helps to reduce side effect risks.

Ephedrine used in ECA stacks

ECA [Ephedrine, Caffeine, & Aspirin] stack is a common blend prevalent in athletic and bodybuilding society. Using ECA stack targeted fat loss for men and women can be attained faster than what could be achieved normally. Caffeine promotes lipolysis process. It acts as stimulant and prevents new fat storage. Aspirin prolong the activity of accelerated sympathetic amines. It prevents breakdown of amines like norepinephrine and epinephrine, so cutting fat action gets maintained for a long time.

ECA stack dosage

Products marketed as ECA stack can be taken between 20 – 24 mg for three times a day. Some bodybuilders prepare their individual ECA stack of –

  • Ephedrine –  20 mg
  • Caffeine –  200 mg
  • Aspirin [baby] – 81 mg

This dosage level is to be taken four times daily.

Where to get Ephedrine?

Even though Ephedrine manufacture, use, and sell are banned in majority of countries, you can find it online. Many online sources market different energy and weight loss products that contain Ephidrine.  As it is a stimulant start at low dosages for some days to monitor how your body responds.