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The Face and Body Benefits of the Medical Spa

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The medical spa industry continues to grow, and at a surprising rate.  Indeed, these aesthetics destinations are becoming more and more popular as people continue to look for ways to approach healthier living without surgery or too much medicinal dependency. We are learning, as a matter of fact, that it is entirely possible to encourage the body to work as it was intended to fight disease and cur health issues without modern medicine.  

The  treatments you can find at a medispa fall into two basic categories: facial treatments and body treatments. Of course, these two categories can also be distilled down further into more, but this is a good place to start. Most of the treatments and procedures you can get at a medispa you will only need every once in a while, which also makes them more practical than medical treatments (like prescription drugs) which you might have to commit to on a daily basis.Image result for The Face and Body Benefits of the Medical Spa

Medical Spa Facial Treatments

More people visit the medical spa for facial treatments.  Here is a list of potential benefits:

    • Complexion Clarification—bring out your skin’s natural color, tone, integrity, and purity
    • Wrinkle Reduction—reduce the presence of fine lines and wrinkles that your face will naturally accrue over time
    • Skin Firming—restore elastin to the skin, making it tighter on your face and reducing some of the signs of aging
    • Skin Tone Evening—along with clarification restoring some tone to your skin, you could also see a more even skin tone, too.
    • Botox Injections—this cosmetic procedures inject a small amount of neurotoxin into your skin to tighten and firm it. It can also be used to treat small muscle spasms and even migraines!

Medical Spa Body Treatments

    • Fat Destocking—the body likes to store fat; it is actually an evolutionary benefits.  This procedure helps you to get rid of excess fat stores, though, to restore your natural silhouette
    • Stretch Mark Reduction—skin distension is a common side effect of weight gain, which can happen over time from simply not exercising enough, or it can happen as part of a pregnancy, for example. In any case stretch marks are not necessarily a sign of poor health, but they can be unsightly; so this procedure helps to smooth them out
    • Long Term Hair Removal—excessive body is another cosmetic issue that is not necessarily a sign of poor health, but it can be a little overwhelming. This procedure helps to offer long term solutions to what would otherwise be a somewhat tedious daily chore