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Get the Perfect Manicure Yourself at Home

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There’s something about manicure at home that just looks elegant. If you go to a salon for the manicure, it’s expensive.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the manicure at your home using the products of Duri Cosmetics.

Steps for manicure at home

Step 1: Essential tools

Make sure that you’ve all the essential tools ready. The tools include nail polish remover, cotton pads, nail clips, emery board, cuticle pusher, nail buffer, cuticle remover, hand moisturizer, base coat, nail polish, and top coat.

Step 2: Removing the nail polish you applied previously

Remove the nail polish using the nail polish removers that don’t have acetone because they are gentler as compared to the acetone-based removers. The removers that are acetone-based work faster than non-acetone removers.

Step 3: Give your nails a perfect shape

Gently file your nails to give them a perfect shape. If you choose to file them in a slightly rounded or square shape.

Avoid using the metal nail files because it minimizes the splintering of your nails. Instead, opt out to use a crystal nail file to give your nails smoothness on the top and sides. Use the abrasive buffer to buff your nails.

Step 4: Soak away your hands

This is one of the most relaxing parts in the steps of the manicure. Add some face wash or shampoo to the bowl full of water in lukewarm water and soak your hands in it. Soak the cuticles for three minutes before trimming them but keep in mind not to over soak because it damages your nails as well as skin.

Step 5: Apply remover to clean your cuticles

When you cut away the skin around the nail that has become thickened, apply a bit of cuticle remover for 10-15 seconds.

Step 6: Remove excess cuticle

Gentlypush the cuticle using the cuticle pusher away from the nail. Keep in mind not to push it too far, otherwise, the growth of your nails get damaged.

Step 7: Moisturize

Gently massage your hands and nails by using a rich cream moisturizer or silky oil to hydrate the skin of your hands.

Step 8: Prepare your nails for nail polish

If any ingredients of moisturizers remain on the nail, it’ll prevent your polish from adherence. Use a cotton pad, apply remover over the surface of your nails to remove any residue.

Step 9: Apply nail paint in layers

If you’ve brittle nails, apply the base coat before applying the nail polish because it protects nails from getting stains. Next, apply the nail point of your desired color in layers; let the layers to dry between the coats. If you aren’t an expert of painting, use only the light colored nail polish that’ll be less visible.

Step 10: Apply moisturizer again

If you want to keep your nails and handshealthy, you’re required to moisturize your hands regularly.
You can’t have great nails and hands without these essential products which you can buy from Duri Cosmetics.

Final words

If the right tools properly lined up and learned all the techniques to apply them properly, you’ll get yourself a beautiful manicure. If you do it yourself, it’ll save you a lot of time and money!