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How to get real Xtendrol on sale?

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In the year 1964, Oxandrolone was introduced in USA. It was a new input in the world of steroids and was quickly marketed under names like Xtendrol, among others. People who consumed Xtendrol started having quick creation in lean muscle mass, better strength and weight with proper exercise. The medical professionals used the product to treat a large range of chronic conditions like supportive treatment for recovering, trauma and burns.

Atlantis Pharmaceutical Grade Oxandrolone – Xtendrol

The Xtendrol is a 2.5 mg pill sold by Atlantis Pharma in the early 2000s, and from there it was made available in the international market. The use of these steroids was banned in Canada, USA, and other professional sports. The athletes who look to improve muscle mass reaches out to the internet marketplace to get compounds that are not available through local suppliers.

The last batch of the drug on sale by the Atlantis Labs was in 2012, and the products were to expire on 2015. The most popular brand name of human graded Oxandrolone now is Anavar, and you can recognize the drug, in medical units and bodybuilding communities. People tend to refer to the less known brands like Xtendrol when looking for Anavar. This means that it has the same dosage and compound.

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Xtendrol Dosage

Xtendrol was commonly sold in 2.5 mg, and people used to take this for bulking up. This means that you would have had to take 4 to 8 tablets to get results you are looking for. This is often considered for athletes who are on their beginning cycle and for women who want to build a better body or improve their gym stats. There are both oral and injectable versions of these steroids, but these are not that common.

Xtendrol is an effective part of training for many people, and that is due to various areas, like performance and more. This doesn’t bulk up the muscles like the lean muscle mass do. The cardio stamina sees a huge increase with an extended use as you retain agility. This makes the process attractive for runners and competitors who are at the field for long hours and at a stretch. The drug works for stimulating protein synthesis in our body and increases bone mineral density, muscle growth and lean body mass.

Xtendrol Cycle

The gym trainers might suggest that people looking to improve lean muscle mass should extend their cardio performance and start their first cycle with Xtendrol. The dosage should be 10 mg per day. As people work all through the first six weeks, they might determine how their body is tolerant to steroids and what sort of response they saw from the gym. The dosages can increase by 5 mg, but women should not go beyond 20 mg and men should stay up to 25 mg. Some people have been seen to go beyond 100 mg, but that is not recommended. The Xtendrol is a 2.5 mg pill sold by Atlantis Pharma and the dosages should be measured accordingly.