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How Hairs Transplant Transforming Lives?

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Today baldness at an early age is a common phenomenon. Such instances occur especially among men due to extensive pollution, unhealthy diet, high stress, and extensive use of hair products. Heredity also contributes largely towards baldness. Many loose self-confidence due to premature baldness as people have a common tendency to generate the idea of age by baldness.

Hair transplantation is a revolutionary discovery of science which helps to restore new hair on the affected scalp and get rid of baldness. This unique surgery helps thousands of people gaining back their lost youthfulness. This leaves a huge positive impact on personality and thus hair transplantation is transforming lives of many people each and every year.

How do people feel about hair loss?

A recent market survey reveals that in today’s world about 60{c029a9337ba202d20e17e339a83572f0d4e90baa40aceb9f614e3c4eefa1e3b9} men and 20{c029a9337ba202d20e17e339a83572f0d4e90baa40aceb9f614e3c4eefa1e3b9} women approximately are suffering from extensive hair loss at early ages. If this hair loss continues for a longer period, it will result in premature baldness. Baldness not only impacts your get up but also knocks your self confidence. As a result, professional world also gets hampered. While attending corporate or social parties, office meetings, people feel uncomfortable due to baldness. Thus, increase in psychological stress may lead a person to the path of severe depression.

Research also found that men having age between twenty-five to thirty-five years are more prone to thinning of hair. This younger generation is more eager to go through hair transplantation than the middle-aged men who are forty to fifty years old.

Hair Transplantation- A way of transforming lives

With the advancement of modern science, nowadays it is very much possible to regain your lost hair by this unique surgery called “Hair Transplantation”. In this technique, hair follicles are removed from back or side of head which is called donor site. Donor sites are chosen based on extensive growth of healthy hair follicles. These removed follicles from the donor site are grafted on the bald portion referred to as recipient site. Thus, helping in transforming lives of people hair transplantation can minimize baldness by restoring self confidence in their personality.

The two most popular techniques of hair transplantation available in the market are

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The difference lies primarily in the way hair follicles extracted from donor area.


An entire strip of hair is removed from the donor area of the scalp. After removing the strips, stitches are carefully done on the donor area resulting linear scars on scalp. These removed strips are grafted on the recipient area where baldness is predominant. Generally, small follicular units with single to four hairs are grafted at a time.


In this technique, hair follicular units are extracted with small round of punch from the donor area. These 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair groupings (called follicular unit grafts) are then transplanted into bald area.

Over the last few years, popularity and demand of FUE technique have significantly increased. Some benefits of FUE hair transplant are discussed below-

  • Less painful

FUE technique is almost a painless surgery.  Also, patient’s recovery is faster than FUT. Thus, patient recovery is very fast.

  • No Scarring: 

This surgery leaves no scars on patient’s scalp from where the follicular units are extracted. There will be no change of look of the donor area after surgery. Hence no sign of hair transplantation is visible thereafter.

  • Natural Appearance: 

FUE surgery ensures a natural look whatsoever.

  • Easy to Maintain: 

No additional maintenance like use of special shampoo or chemicals is required for grafted hair.

  • Cost effective:

Once people are done with the surgery, it will last for lifetime. Hence investment of every penny is worth.

Some important instructions

Here are some useful instructions for you post hair transplant treatment-

  • For quick recovery, dry scalp is recommended.
  • Don’t use any type of product on your scalp without consulting the surgeon. Even be cautious about using any type of shampoo.
  • Post-surgery, there will be some scars and itching on scalp. You may use antibiotic topical cream prescribed by surgeon to avoid irritation.
  • For first few weeks after surgery, alcohol consumption and smoking are not advisable.
  • Heavy physical activity like sports or exercise is not advisable as sweating on scalp may lead to infection.

India is a growing market for hair transplantation. Like all other major cities, hair transplantation is also done in Ludhiana. There are many renowned clinics which are well equipped with experienced surgeon and highly trained technicians. So, if you are looking for hair loss treatment at reasonable rate, you can always visit hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana.

It is clear that by adopting hair transplant technique, people remain healthy natural looking hair which not only helps to get back self confidence but also transforms your life towards positive direction. So, invest for one time and feel the magic of natural hair throughout your life.