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Have You Heard About Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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When men are in their reproductive age then their testosterone deficiency often need testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, these days many prefer to go for natural testosterone therapy. How does this natural therapy work?

How effective is testosterone replacement therapy?

Before we proceed further, let us try to understand what is testosterone? Testosterone is a kind of hormone that is naturally produced in both men and women. In men, it is produced in the testicles while women produce a smaller quantity in their ovaries. The healthy level of testosterone among male is about 270 to 1000 ng per deciliter, while for women it is less than 70 ng per deciliter. Testosterone is responsible for various secondary male characteristics like body hair, deeper voice, sperm production and sex libido etc.

Therefore, testosterone replacement therapy is meant for men who are diagnosed with low level of testosterone. This hormone is in fact naturally produced in testicles. However, testicles do not decide its production. Testicle will produce according to the signals obtained from the pituitary gland, which is also called master gland that controls the function of every other gland in our body.

Whenever there is need for increasing testosterone level, it is the pituitary gland that will control its production. Testosterone level may reduce either due to aging or malfunction of pituitary gland. Therefore, to undergo testosterone replacement therapy, one has to either take drugs or look for other natural replacements at Steroidly.

Options available for natural TRT

These days, mostly people prefer natural methods of TRT, as drugs cause lots of side effects and withdrawal issues. Natural TRT is based on using dietary and nutrition supplements to boost testosterone levels.  These supplements and food products do not contain any hormone as such but few important minerals, vitamins many other herbal products that can revive the pituitary gland to function normally.

Doctors may also suggest you to change your diet pattern to increase the production of testosterone. This kind of natural TRT is considered not only safe and effective after some time, but also much economical as compared to synthetic drugs.

Looking for natural TRT?

You must know what kind of ingredients must be present in your food or other supplements so that you can increase your level of testosterone production. Besides taking vitamins and minerals, you can consider number of vegetable and plants, which can help you to recover your pituitary gland.

Indian and Chinese healers have been using many different herbs for centuries to treat sexual problems of men.