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The importance of preventive health checks

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Nowadays people are living in an unhealthy lifestyle. The busy work nature and the unhealthy environment and habits of the people drive more health issues to them. This makes it necessary to take regular health screenings. Any disease or health issue if it is predicted in the earlier stage it can be treated. This can be achieved with the help of health checkups. Also, in today’s lifestyle, knowing about the health condition is very much important for any person.

This is the reason why doctors and physicians insist people to take health checks. Therefore, everyone should take regular health checkups time to time to ensure healthy lifestyle. This is very essential particularly, in the case of elderly persons. So how often should we consider having a health check and why should we have one? Generally before the age of 18 it is recommended a child should be screened on a yearly basis. After the age of 18, a visit every other or every third year is often sufficient.

However, for women over 18, an annual gynecological examination is advisable once the individual is sexually active, or over 21, whichever comes first. As we age, and with the onset of more age related medical issues, more frequent visits for a checkup are advisable. Women over the age of 40 should commence mammograms. From the age of 50 a bi-annual master health checkup is advisable. For men an annual rectal examination to assess prostate and colorectal cancer is a sensible precaution. Over the age of 65 a yearly examination and health check should be undergone.

If we now consider what possible kind of tests and examinations may be required, this will very much depend on both, age, sex and any pre existing conditions. Other than the checks previously mentioned, many doctors recommend you should at least have your blood pressure checked annually and your cholesterol every other year. If the condition demands it, or if we decide to do so for peace of mind, it’s possible to arrange a whole raft of medical checks in order to fully assess our health.

During some cases such tests are covered under health checkup packages. Such health checkup packages include tests like blood tests to detect diabetes, liver, heart or kidney disease, thyroid test, chest x-ray, urine tests, ECG, EST and Pap smear. Generally, this level of testing would be sufficient for most individuals.

Who requires health checkups?

Generally, there is no age limit or restriction for taking general health checkups. However, these preventive health checkup is very much important for people those who are in the middle age from 40 to 60. This is because these are people who are susceptible to different health issues and diseases like diabetes, heart attack and blood pressure etc. It is advisable to take a regular health checkup for these people.

Other than these, a person can take regular health screenings by consulting with his or her GP. Taking a health checkup will never waste your time, money and energy as you invest for your health.