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Legal Anabolic Steroids in UK can have Dramatic Effect on your Body

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Ever since players started using steroids in 1954 to enhance their performance, athletes have blind belief on its usage even today. Steroids work to increase testosterone level artificially in a human body. When suddenly the level increases all male characteristics also increase to a certain level, like growth in hair, deep voice etc. the naturally emitted testosterone hormone lowers its secretion immediately therefore avoiding any harm to the body.

Steroids are not only used for building strength and muscle mass, but are also used to treat certain diseases –

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  • It increases RBCs to carry oxygen in the body, thus treating anemia.
  • Andropause, which is equivalent to lower the testosterone is also cured with steroids.
  • In Breast Cancer, estrogen has an adverse effect on patients and therefore taking Halotestin steroid can give an anti estrogenic effect.
  • Anabolic steroids increase lean tissues, which can be beneficial for burned victims and Muscle wasting disease.
  • Delayed and low testosterone levels are related to each other, which can be increased artificially through steroids.
  • Osteoporosis is loss of bone tissues and density, which can be reversed using steroid, as it can reverse bone mineral content.
  • Since steroid is used for muscle gain, it can also help in weight loss for patients suffering from HIV or cancer.

With so many medical treatments still many countries ban the usage of steroid. Some countries like, UK, Australia and Canada are very strict with their laws.

UK classifies steroids as Class C drug and therefore steroids are illegal without a prescription. They understand the medical benefits of steroids, but also know the misuse of this drug in sports field. Even if people try to import or export it through freight, postal or courier services they are severely punished. According to UK law, it can be bought only for private use.

Slowly after seeing the strict laws in UK, many other countries like Australia and Canada including US also started regulations of “no prescription no steroid”. Anyone found with illegal steroid can be fined from $1000 to $250,000 and also imprisonment of five years.

Even the sellers, suppliers or manufacturers can be fined with a sentence of 14 years imprisonment under the Act of Misuse of Drugs in 1971. Slowly when the black market and underground sources were selling it secretly to people, athletes and bodybuilders, in 2013, and Amendment was done in the Act that only licensed research centers can produce steroids for special purposes.

Hence, when you are travelling to UK even as a tourist, proceed with extra caution. Be aware of all their laws and regulations and the banned products and supplements before enter the country.