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Spa And Intravenous Treatment – Is There Any Connection?

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No one enjoys needles. Hence can you consider it true that people are folding up their sleeves with pleasure for receiving intravenous doses of balanced electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals? Several Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna and Simon Cowell are fond of needles that are providing minerals and vitamins. Do you think that they do it for healthier lifestyle only or for revitalizing themselves? These might be the factors, but nowadays this trend is introduced as a ‘beautify’ treatment. Are you intrigued or not about the idea of injecting nutrients in the body?

The other trends of using different combinations of IVs among celebrities depend on why they are experiencing the pain of needle with joy including fat burning, improving sexual functionality, enhancing immunity, curing hangover and more. The cost of these IVs ranges from $100 to $180. This cost is nothing for the celebrities who can spend more than this on a food bowl for their dog. In fact, this treatment is one of their priorities, as it has proven to be promising in increasing the glow of their skin. Therefore, they can spend thousands of dollars when it comes to their beauty. This celebrity trend has been blamed for deficiency of medical supplies. This blame cannot hide the beneficial effects of IV treatments on the skin.Related image

IV treatment is a door to the fountain of youth and drinking it through their blood can feel smoothness and rosiness in their skin. At present, this trend is not limited to celebrities in fashion shows, red carpets, and Hollywood parties. People belonging to elite classes are in line to receive IV treatments. Thus, a new trend is being set up by Spas or Salons to provide this beautifying treatment to the customers. The glow of the skin increases with such treatment, therefore, this may be the reason why people are happily receiving needles.

After receiving balanced electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, the skin becomes moisturized, hydrated and less dry. You must be thinking why receive it intravenously and why not orally? The reason behind this is to diverge from the GIT tract and directly absorb into the blood stream without losing any benefit. The growth of new cells occurs because of the vitamin C present in the IVs, as vitamin C is responsible for the development of collagen. Collagen will be produced in larger amount when vitamin C is injected directly into the blood stream, leading to smoother and glowing skin. That is not it! The combination of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients also aid in eliminating toxins from the body. Removal of toxins from the body contributes to reducing the production of melanin, ultimately leading to hydrated and glowing skin. These advantages are the reason behind increasing popularity of the IV treatments as beautifying treatment. Despite the fact that most of the people do not like the sight of a needle, they are happily receiving IV treatments to enhance their beauty. So, are you going to take IV treatment?